Who Is Terri Jay?

IS SHE AN INTUITIVE? A pet intuitive? A horse whisperer? A remote viewer? A medical and veterinary intuitive? A medium for people AND pets? Able to communicate with those who cannot such as those in a coma, persistent vegetative state, with Alzheimer’s, severe Autism? A code writer? A mechanic able to diagnose vehicle problems? A map dowser able to find gold and water on maps? An intuitive life coach? YES! Terri Jay is all this and more. Yet Terri is unique in that she takes the “woo-woo” out of this work by basing it in physics. How is this possible?

Terri Jay believes that we are all born with intuitive abilities. Intuition is just one part of the other spiritual senses of clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance and clairaudience. Together they allow us to pick up on Higher vibrations. Physics tell us that everything in the Universe has a vibration or frequency. Terri shares us that we are all like big cell phone towers, able to receive and relay information from the Universe. We all have the option of developing our spiritual senses to pick up on these higher vibrations. Terri Jay is a unique individual that has taken it to the nth degree. Terri learned early on in her quest for spiritual development to have no ego, no stake in the outcome of a session and no judgment on the information that was coming through. She learned to just get out of her own way and no thinking allowed – just feel for the information and relay it.

FOR OVER 30 YEARS, Terri has helped thousands of people with their financial, relationship, and health issues. She started out wanting to just learn to communicate with pets, including horses, but Source had other plans. She has also taught thousands of others how to develop their spiritual senses in her one-day intensive Cowgirl Shaman© Boot Camps.

Terri calls herself a Cowgirl Shaman© because she has been a life-long horsewoman and her work involves healing, whether physical, emotional, or mental. She is one of only a handful of individuals who can do remote viewing and sensing to help locate lost pets, find gold, and water on maps, and even help with real estate decisions through remote inspections. She has diagnosed problems with vehicles when she has no mechanical ability and helped a computer software engineer with code writing issues with no knowledge of this field whatsoever.

Terri’s unique skills, compassion, kindness, down-to-Earth demeanor, and hilarious sense of humor make her a natural for her own show. This show will provide hope and healing in this time of chaos.


“I don’t know how she does it, but Terri is always accurate in her assessments, very helpful but outside the realm of conventional veterinary medicine.” 
–Dr. J. Alan White, DVM, Gardnerville, NV 

“My horse told Terri my seat wasn’t right, and Terri told me how to fix it. I haven’t come off since and my horse is a huge 18 hand warmblood. That one thing helped my riding more than anything ever did, and she did it all over the phone!”
–Erin Kelly, Woodfords, CA 

“Terri connected to our daughter that we lost suddenly a few weeks ago. It was so healing to be able to know she was O.K., happy and with her husband.”
–Micky S., Las Vegas, NV 

“Terri is the most wonderful, caring person. She has helped me with everything from saddle fitting to animal health problems and all over the phone!”
–Debbie King, Santa Ynez, CA 

“She is amazing and saved my horse’s life!”
–Vickee Greer, Reno, NV 

“Terri has helped me with so many behavior problems with my horses and she has changed the way I deal with my horses. It’s so much easier now!”
–Joe Borgeous, Whitefish, Montana

“I was totally amazed at the specific information that Terri told me about my husband, the trip we were on when he died and I really did not believe this was even possible. Her messages included things like bunny rabbits, Cracker Jacks and a black mesa – things that Terri couldn’t have known and are only specific to us and this trip. Terri has given me such peace, knowing my husband is fine on the Other Side and that he visits me. It gives me such comfort. Thank you, Terri.”

–DeeDee, NV

“Terri, the specific nature of the things you got in the reading you did for me was unbelievable! The messages you gave me regarding embroidered tea towels from my Mom, Anisette cookies from my Aunt Eve, Lionel trains from my Uncle Frank – he had them all set up in his basement, and my dad with his cherry cheesecake were amazing. You could not have known any of this information and it gives me such peace of mind knowing this is not all there is.”
–Maureen G., OK

“I am trained as an energy healer from the Jaffe Institute of Medical and Spiritual Healing so I am not new to the kind of work that Terri does. Yet I have never experienced a more intuitive, all-inclusive, succinct messenger than Terri Jay. Terri uncovered many new and deeper issues to facilitate my healing a life-long struggle with chronic kidney failure. After our session, my kidney function was almost back to normal and I was on a donor list! I would enthusiastically recommend Terri to anyone who is on a fast track to uncovering and resolving any medical, emotional and spiritual issues.”
–Amy J., Reno, NV

“Terri told me that I would know when it was time to put down my cat who was suffering from kidney failure. We did know when it was right. The most amazing thing to me is that Terri told me I would feel him pass through me if I wasn’t too consumed by my own grief. Terri, you were 100% right! The moment he passed, I felt a rush of tingling heat run through my body from my toes to my head and when it reached my heart, I felt an overwhelming sense of breathlessness followed by an involuntary gasp for air which was so joyful…..I was so grateful and relieved for the sensation I experienced. It brings tears to my eyes yet and makes his passing so much more bearable. Thanks so much.”
–Stacey W., WI

“Terri Jay has made a very positive difference in my life because of her gift of being able to channel messages from those who have crossed over. It is truly an enlightening and spiritual experience. I have felt such joy and relief, which has helped me enormously through my grief after hearing personal messages and assurances that Terri received for me from seven of my family members. And, thank you so much for finding the water leak I had in my yard. I don’t know how you found the exact spot it was leaking, 7.5 feet below the surface and I have over an acre of land!! You saved me thousands of dollars!! Thank you, Terri.”
–Shyrle M., Reno, NV

“I practice veterinary medicine and am a chiropractor and acupuncturist. Terri has referred a number of clients to me. I don’t know how she does it but she is always accurate in her assessments. She appears to have a good grasp of the animals and is able to extract a history of the animal or the injury. She is a good and nice lady and brings a welcome aspect for me to helping clients. It is outside the realm of conventional veterinary medicine but very helpful.”
–Dr. J. Allan White, DVM, Gardnerville, NV

“She helped me to heal from a serious health problem. The doctors had only given me 6 months to live. That was four years ago and I am disease- free.”
–Robin J., Las Vegas, NV 

“Terri helped me connect to loved ones that had passed away. The information that she gave me from them was so specific to my loved ones and me. There is no way she could have gotten the information unless she was truly connected to my loved ones. She is amazing!”
–Yvette M., Kansas City, MO 

“Terri helped me with a serious health problem that I had for ten months and the doctors were stumped. She nailed it immediately, including the cause and over the phone! I am now fine and feel great.”
–Ruth B., Dublin, Ireland 

“Terri connected to my father who had passed. He said he was coming back soon – would be reborn into the family – new baby. I told Terri no one was pregnant and Terri told me that my father was insistent that he would be coming back. Two days later my son called to tell me his wife was pregnant!! This is truly a miracle!”
–Pilar B., Santiago, Chile 

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In episode #106 of Closer to Venus, Terri Jay, the Cowgirl Shaman, touches on: childhood memories of astral projection, a horseback therapy program when she “heard” a nonverbal child speak, how everyone has psychic abilities, how she believes when people die all of their negativity gets shed off and left behind in the earthly realm, negative energy or the residual energy that is left behind apparently causes hauntings, the negative messages that come through during her readings come from spirit guides, what things mediums can misinterpret, and more.

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Get out of your own way. Over thinking, over analyzing, being stuck, questioning the intuitive information are all ways that impede intuitive abilities. With practice, you will get answers while you are asking mental questions and the over analyzing will go away.

Intuition is defined as the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning. Where does intuition come from? Can it be trusted? How can someone tune in to their intuition? To address these questions, we are talking to business leaders, coaches, mental health experts, authors, and anyone who is an authority on “How to Get In Touch With Your Intuition And When To Trust Your Intuition When Making Decisions.” As a part of this series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Terri Jay.

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Terri Jay on the red carpet with Paul T. Goldman and Dee Wallace. Mike Eisenstadt/Special to The R-C
Carson Valley’s cowgirl shaman Terri Jay is playing a role in the upcoming Peacock series, “Paul T. Goldman.” The series follows the love life of an ordinary single father named, Paul T. Goldman, who ends up getting more than he bargained for. Soon after marrying, he begins to have questions about his new wife and turns to a psychic for a reading. What she reveals, sends him down a path he never could have imagined. That psychic was Jay. “He didn’t understand why she was so demanding about having her name on everything,” said Jay. “So, I did a reading and it turned out that she was nothing like what she said she was.” Jay is a real-life intuitive life coach residing in Johnson Lane. She has helped thousands of clients for 32 years from animals with behavior problems to people with questions about their finances, relationships, careers, health or their own spiritual path.


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PODCAST FEATURE ON Central Valley Talk

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