Terri is a Medical Intuitive

Terri is a medical intuitive. She can scan your physical body, including your chakras or energy centers and find the source of stuck energy. Stuck energy in our physical bodies can cause “issues in our tissues” which is the source of ALL illness, injury, and disease. And, she does this work by phone with amazing results.

Terri can help you determine the source of your physical, emotional, and other problems which can prevent you from living a full, happy, and productive life. Often we have core beliefs that we aren’t even aware of which prevent us from losing weight, making money, or being able to have a successful relationship. Or the core belief can prevent us from healing from serious disease.

Once your issues become apparent, then Terri can refer you to a number of credentialed Energy Healers throughout the country. These healers have learned how to be a conduit of Healing Light, Love and Energy and can help you to release the blocks that are keeping you from being happy and healthy.

The energetic problem that causes breast cancer can usually be found in the heart. Broken hearts can be caused by death of a loved one, loss, or the end of a marriage or other relationship. Energy healing to fully release the heartache is the only way to minimize the risk or address the problem when it arises.

Some other examples of emotionally caused diseases are:

  • Diseases and issues in the female organs are mostly due to childhood issues.
  • Neuromuscular diseases are caused by the feeling of being pulled in too many directions at once.
  • Diabetes is caused by life not being sweet enough or not having any control over our life or others’ lives.
  • Head trauma and brain tumors can be caused by being cut off spiritually.
  • Throat cancers can be caused by not speaking your truth.
  • Shoulder injuries can be caused by shouldering too much responsibility or not being willing to shoulder responsibility.
  • Knee injuries can be caused by an unwillingness to move forward in some aspect of your life.
  • Eye problems can be caused by an unwillingness to LOOK at your issues.
  • Obesity may be caused by childhood trauma which includes sexual abuse.
Rates are based on a one-on-one session for $50/half hour and $90/hour with NO limit on the number of subjects in a session. Pay for your session below and Terri will contact you directly via email  to schedule the reading.

Rates are for one-on-one readings only. Please enquire for group rates to have more than one person on the call.

All readings must be pre-paid in order to be sent the schedule.

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