[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Terri has learned how to deal with grief in a productive manner, learn spiritual lessons from the grief and to move on. Terri can help you do the same. Whether from the loss of a parent, spouse, child, or a pet, all grief causes pain, confusion, anger at God, anger at the one who has passed and guilt and anger at ourselves.

Through her intuitive gifts, Terri can help you to recognize these emotions and provide insight and productive ways of releasing these emotions to heal and get on with your life.

With Terri’s compassionate nature, lifelong experiences and understanding of what is beyond this life, she can help you to connect with your lost loved ones.

She can tell you how to heal and resume a healthy, happy, productive life. It’s what our loved ones would want for us.In society today, we are not taught that death is a part of life – it is not to be talked about or dealt with.

When someone is grieving, we leave them alone and isolated as if they have a disease that we are afraid we will catch. This is when our loved ones need us the most, whether we cook food to take to them, sit with them while they talk about their pain and loss or just hold their hand while they cry, we need to accept grief as a part of everyday life and be there to console those who need us.

If we are in need, we must reach out to those who understand and can help us to heal. Only through experiencing such devastation can we truly understand the depth of our love for our family, friends and pets. With Terri’s unique ability, Terri can also communicate with loved ones prior to their death who are unable to communicate to help families with decisions regarding life support.

Terri has talked with those in a coma, persistent vegetative state and with those who have communication disorders and/or can’t talk due to medical intervention. She can do this because the conscious mind is accessible through the Higher Self.

Terri can also help you to find an energy healer who can help to alleviate the pain in your heart. The pain from grief can be so debilitating that we can’t breathe or function.

Trained energy healers can help to release the pain so we can continue to grieve without causing physical injury to ourselves. Unresolved grief can actually cause disease or “issues in our tissues.”

Energy healing can help us to release the issues so we can heal and not have any further physical problems from our grief.

Email Terri and her staff today to schedule your appointment. Appointments are often available with 24 hours. Get help now.

Contact Terri and her staff today to schedule your appointment.