[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Autism, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Coma, Persistent Vegetative State. All of these conditions have one thing in common – limited or no ability to communicate with and for the person who is afflicted. Communication is stymied or can be a downright struggle for a loved one with one of these problems, especially in cases of advanced dementia, coma or PVS. But, could it be possible to communicate with someone with one of these medical conditions? The answer is a resounding, “YES!” I do it all the time. You can too.

How is this possible you wonder, and what information can a loved one receive with this type of communication? Here’s how it works: Before I “drop-in” or ground to do a reading, I check myself to make sure I’m in alignment. I want to have no preconceived notions about what I will get in the reading, no stake in the outcome, no ego in the process. Remember, ego stands for “easing God out.”

Then, with visualization and intention, I connect to my client, whether in person or by phone. I do this by connecting my heart chakra to their heart chakra. Then I connect my third eye to their heart chakra. This makes a triangle with the short side of the triangle inside of my body. It’s a known fact of physics that anytime there are three points connected, energy flows. I then give my clients unconditional love. This is what I imagine flowing around the triangle of our connection.

I ask my client who they want to connect to – usually I need a name, not just “Mom.” Then I ask for the loved one’s age. I may also ask what their present situation is. Immediately, I can feel, see and hear the loved one my client wants to communicate with. With just a few pieces of information, and lots of love, I can connect to the loved one for my client. I may ask questions since I am being shown something that I don’t quite understand but usually the information is significant to my client none the less. This same process can be done for group readings when other family members want to participate, with the use of a speaker phone.

So what kind of information can be gleaned with one of these sessions? I am always amazed and it is always specific to the individual and the situation. Quite often, the patient will talk about favorite foods, hobbies or possessions. They may give names of people that have passed that they have “seen” or been visited by. They may provide information about their medical condition that is not known by care-givers. I have even heard them make requests of their loved ones, such as paying bills or taking care of projects.

Each reading can vary as to the outcome due to the medical condition of the loved one. A person with dementia may not physically be aware of loved ones visiting, but spiritually they know when loved ones are even just thinking about them. They do hear and see everything that is going on, just not from a physical in-their-body perspective. They have spiritually left their body and they are basically waiting for their body to shut down. Often they can go in and out of their body.

In coma cases, you can connect to the person’s Higher Self or sub-conscious, depending on the depth of the coma. In one instance, I communicated with a 50 year-old man by the name of “Fred” who had a ruptured brain aneurysm. His family was being asked to make a decision to terminate life support or arrange for long-term care. Since the brain injury was recent, I was told by my Guidance that the outcome had not yet been determined. I could see Fred sitting on a fence, which seemed to imply that he could stay or go. I was also told by my Guidance that energy healing is recommended in Fred’s case. I shared this information with his family member, along with specifics about his occupation and life-style that were very unusual and could only pertain to Fred. It felt as though I had connected to Fred’s Higher Self in this reading.

Fred’s family followed the recommendation and after Fred had two distance energy healing sessions, I was then asked to connect to him again for another family member. This time, I got Fred’s sub-conscious. His responses were much more earthly, or pertaining to his usual daily life, again very specific to his life. He made comments about his lady friend, showed me a rickshaw looking vehicle which is what he used to take coffee beans out of his fields and other specific things. Fred had one more energy healing session and woke up out of his coma with very little residual damage within days. He had no memory of talking with me but he did remember arguing with someone as he was coming out of the coma.

In another instance, I sat down with a client and immediately felt her mother. I asked my client what was going on and she explained that her mother had Alzheimer’s and was in a convalescent home. She felt guilty that she didn’t go and see her very often as her mother didn’t respond to anyone. I communicated with her mother’s Higher Self and shared things with my client that I couldn’t have known, including a favorite dessert that her mother was requesting. The main point of the connection was that my client had not told her mom that it was okay to go. I received this information from her mother and my client confirmed that she had not yet told her that it was okay to pass. Her mother was hanging on to her physical body in order to not leave her daughter and cause her pain from the loss.

When I operated a therapeutic riding program, I was often asked by the teachers at the schools to check on specific non-verbal children as their behavior that day was unusual. Sometimes the child had missed breakfast and in one instance I picked up on a toothache a child had that was making him miserable. In other cases, I picked up on a bad home situation, such as physical or sexual abuse, all from non-verbal children.

These are just a few examples of situations where tuning into a higher vibration has allowed me to communicate for people who cannot. The results have been miraculous and very healing for all involved. Be sure to remember this information if you are ever in a situation where a loved one can not speak for themselves and you need to know how they are doing.