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Introduction to Intuitive Healing

Introduction to Intuitive Healing

All of us are born intuitive. Intuition is just one part of the other spiritual senses of clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience. Together they allow us to pick up on Higher vibrations. Quantum physics tells us that everything in the Universe has a vibration or frequency. We all have the option of developing our spiritual senses to pick up on these higher vibrations. Terri Jay is a unique individual that has taken it to the nth degree. Terri considers herself very blessed that she had two mentors in her life that taught her to have no ego, no stake in the outcome of a session and no judgment on the information that was coming through. They taught her to just get out of her own way and no thinking allowed – just feel for the information and relay it.

Over the last 20 years, Terri has helped thousands of people with their financial, relationship, and health issues. She started out wanting to just learn to communicate with pets, including horses but Source had other plans. Terri can help you with all of your needs for Guidance and she can even teach others how to develop their spiritual senses in her one-day intensive Cowgirl Shaman Boot Camps.

Terri calls herself a Cowgirl Shaman since what she does is pick up on messages and information for others, whether it is communicating with people and pets who have passed, people who cannot communicate such as those with autism, Alzheimer’s, coma, PVS, strokes, etc. communicating with pets, including horses who have health, behavior or performance issues, and medical veterinary intuition. She can help you with Guidance no matter what your issue.